Our Team


Nasha Fitter

Research (Co-founder)

Nasha Fitter is the parent of an afflicted FOXG1 child and manages our research strategy and grant process for scientists. Nasha is a technology entrepreneur; founder and CEO of tech startup Schoolie, which was acquired in 2016 by GreatSchools. Previously, she was a Director at Microsoft Corp where she held various management and product development positions, including Chief-of-Staff for Microsoft's billion dollar education division. Nasha also started and sold a company in Mumbai, India and was an investment banker on Wall Street.

Nasha has an MBA from The Harvard Business School.



Nicole Johnson

Communications & Marketing (co-founder)

Nicole Johnson is the parent of an afflicted FOXG1 child and directs our Communications strategy and outreach. Nicole is a founding partner and the Director of Communications of the OTT streaming music service, Qello Concerts (think the Netflix of concerts). Prior to starting Qello in 2007, Nicole worked many years as a producer for CNN (predominantly in financial news) and for NBC (in entertainment), and then moved into corporate communications and PR for several Fortune 500 companies. 


Elli Brimble

Scientific Advisory Board Liaison

Brimble serves as FOXG1 Research’s Scientific Advisory Board Liaison to facilitate communication with research communities. She is a genetic counselor in Child Neurology at Stanford Children’s Health, where she is working to develop a FOXG1 multidisciplinary clinic. Brimble completed her undergraduate training in genetics at Western University in Ontario, and Masters degrees in molecular genetics and genetic counseling at the University of Toronto and Boston University, respectively.

Brimble’s primary clinical and research interests are to improve understanding of genetic mechanisms that contribute to epilepsy, and to develop protocols that ensure comprehensive and consistent evaluations for genetic epileptic encephalopathies.



Angie Van Wingerden


Angie Van Wingerden is a parent of an afflicted FOXG1 child and oversees operations for the FOXG1 Research Foundation. Angie joined the FRF when she volunteered to manage the first FOXG1 symposium event for scientists in 2018. 

Angie is a focused logistics dynamo with 22 years of experience in the events industry. Since obtaining her BA of Commerce in Hospitality from the University of Guelph, she has built an impressive portfolio of corporate events,  including fundraisers, galas, conferences and symposiums. Her superior organizational skills and ability to manage logistics, and large teams of staff and volunteers will be a welcome addition to structure and manage our operations across the globe.  

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